Read through some items automatically


Is there a way to have Mira “read through” some checklist items without pause?

My use case is the following: the checklists from my flight school are structured with “standard items” (i.e. we are supposed to read the item of the check list, perform the check or action, confirm, move to the next) and “memory items” (we should know these by heart and go through them without looking at the checklist, for instance starting the engine, part of the run-up…)

The “Auto-read section” option that came with the CoPilot Phases feature is great if a whole section is only memory items, but is there a way to have the same “auto-read” behavior for only some items in a section?

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Having it auto-read some items in a section and not others would be a bit of a challenge. If all the items you want to read are either at the beginning or the end of the section then you could break the section into two sections and that way for the ones you want her to read, when you get to that section you can say READ SECTION or tap the title bar of the section. If using the CoPilot phases then you could have it point to that new section.

Breaking a section in 2 is a good idea, I’ll give it a try! Thanks a lot!

I would like mira to auto read some emergency operations …is she just reading the label 1 info or both label 1 and 2 ( the reply)…

She reads Label 1 and Label 2