Really odd..... MiraCheck works with Bose but not Lightspeed headset

I just purchased MiraCheck. Right now I’m using on my home X-Plane 11 sim to learn the program prior to taking in the aircraft.
Miracheck works fine with my Bose A20 headset but will not link with my LightSpeed Zulu 3 headset. I have tried all the bluetooth compatibility settings but CoPilot will not respond to any commands. While trying to connect the Lightspeed headset I also disconnected and used the Ipad microphone to which Miracheck responds.
Any ideas?

Interesting. Have not heard of reports on not working with Zulu 3 from any customers. I have a Zulu and Zulu 2 and have no issue using Bluetooth with them. I will say, the Lightspeed headsets (at least the Zulu and Zulu 2) do not do as good of a job canceling background noise at the microphone compared to the Bose. Where the Bose typically gets better than 90% recognition, the Zulu 2 seems more around 75% and degrades more when noise in cockpit gets loud. One thing to check out is to make sure dip switch settings are correct…


Also, the Zulu series does have a wire that you can connect directly to the iPad or iPhone. The performance seems a bit better with the wire and you shouldn’t have to bluetooth issues.