Recent YouTube Video

On the YouTube video you recently did to accompany the AVWEB Magazine Article you show a takeoff roll and you commented that Mira will provide some information during the Takeoff. I liked how this was provided in a continuous form with no “Checked” response needed from you. Is this demonstrating what will be available in Ver 5.0 or can I do this now? I have all my checklists done now but I can’t find a way to do what you had in that video. Thanks

That is demonstrating what will be available in Version 5. In V5, she is monitoring the phases of flight, so when she notices you are taking off she can auto-read a section like your Takeoff. You can kind of do it in the current version but it takes one interaction first. In the current version, if you tap on the Takeoff section header she will auto-read the entire section. If you press-and-hold on the section header she will check all items in the section. Using voice you can accomplish the same with READ SECTION and CHECK SECTION.