Section colors set within the Cloud editor do not appear to drive section colors in the printed checklists

I just started playing with the checklist print capabilities. (Nice feature by the way). I set the border and font colors within the Heading Style for each section. These colors come through in the CoPilot app. However, these color settings do not appear to always drive the resulting printed section colors.

Sorry, at the present time, the headings in the printed checklist auto-generate across a color range where each section gets color-coded so you can easily see the sections that are all in the same list. This requires no input from the user. We don’t yet have an advanced option where the user wants to override this and take complete control over every section heading color.

Oh, I see that now. Perhaps as an interim solution, prior or as an alternative to providing full use control over section color, would it be possible to automatically color code the Emergency list with a red background?

That is a good suggestion! We will look at doing that.

The capability to color the section headers has been added. Good news is we added your initial request and your follow up request. It works like this…

  • If you have specifically set color, background color and border color on a section it will use that
  • If you have not, but you name a section Emergency it will color that one red
  • Otherwise, it will choose a color for the section from a color range

That is awesome, thanks for making these changes! I just tried it out, and it seems to work with a couple of exceptions as follows. When I first tried it, the first set of sections printed with the colors that I specified. These are essentially my normal sections and they printed with green background and black font. But all subsequent sections (Emergency, Reference, and Special) seemed to print with random colors. I discovered that the “EMERGENCY” section was previously all caps, and when I went back and re-read your description of how it works I noticed that you specifically stated “Emergency”. When I made that change, the emergency sections did indeed print with red background and white text. But all subsequent sections were still printing with random section colors. So I tried changing my color choices. They were previously Grey background (888888) for both the Reference and Special sections. I changed them to Blue background (00ffff) and Yellow background (ffff00) respectively. With those changes, the entire checklist now prints with my specified colors rather than random.

Yes I should have been more specific in my response above. As stated before, when no backgrounds are specified it creates a color range across each section. The definition of no background is the default which is #888888 for background and border and #ffffff for font color. Since you had these sections as the default that is why it was used the color range. As far as Emergency being case-sensitive. Yes, it was…good sleuthing. I have fixed so you can use all caps if you like.