Setting Manual Page Breaks in Printed Checklists

I appreciate the ability to print checklists for backup purposes.

I was wondering if it would be possible to add a “Page-Break” column at the section level. For the most part, I like the idea of maximizing the amount of printed checklist per page.

But at the same time, it’s inconvenient and somewhat error prone to switch pages in the middle of a section. So setting a page-break flag on a particular section, you could force it to start on a new page - similar to the way Microsoft Office products handle it.

Similarly, it would be good if a checklist item were to span multiple pages, it should automatically move that entire checklist item to the beginning of a new page rather than start printing at the end of a previous page.

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I would also appreciate this feature.

This capability is accessible in the editor. In the Advanced Properties you will see a Print Properties Panel when you select each level in the outline.

The Keep Together, Break Before and Break After are properties that attempt to allow breaking of content at specific places. Keep Together attempts to keep either an Item, a Section and all children, or List and all children on the same page. Break Before an Item, Section or List breaks it before, and Break after breaks it after. You want to do a bit of trial-and-error on your content.

It seems to break on columns, not on pages. I would prefer list break on pages.

It is using standard CSS rules for breaking which when there are columns, breaks on a column. The color coding is used to give clear breaks as well. For many, having the least amount of paper, so trying to keep on the same page is beneficial. Creating print templates that satisfy all use cases is a challenge. For that reason we expose the template where users can modify it.

It does take getting your hands dirty. It uses a templating framework called JSRender (

Beased on your suggestion on using custom print tempates I found a solution which works relatively well, and is also not that difficult:

  • Use the custom template “miracheck-lists-columns-2”
  • Modify in line 133 ‘columns2’ to ‘columns1’
  • Print the checklist in custom portrait mode
  • Print double sided he pdf as booklet