Sketch Pad Form

I am wondering if it is possible to create a form in the sketch pad similar to the Foreflight scratch pad. Mira works fine as is for simple data like CRAFT. But, I really love the ATIS scratch pad form in Foreflight. Everything is on one screen and I can enter the data almost as quick as the info is read out. I have checked out the Tools Check List which is well thought out, but I’m so slow typing I need to listen to ATIS a half dozen times to record the date in Mira right now. A work around might be like the documents tab in Foreflight. I have created simple sketch or scratch pad forms by importing a PDF, and then after opening it simply drawing on it. Or perhaps we could just add the ability to do some simple formatting (typing) in the sketch pad.

Cool product and idea! looking forward to using it more and more. Thx

Thanks for your feedback. It is on the roadmap to allow a background image in the sketchpad which would allow you to mimic what ForeFlight is doing. Annotating a PDF is another potential option and one we will be looking at as well.