Still having trouble with linking and branching

Here is what I am trying to do. Can someone give me a step-by- step breakdown?

In Preflight list | Taxi section is a question whether we are experiencing vapor lock.

If yes, I want to go to Abnormalities list | Vapor Lock section, run that checklist, and return to run the next item in the Preflight list.

If no, I want to continue.

I’ve been trying to do this a umber of ways an, while I can get to the Vapor lock section and run it, on completion I can’t return. I also can’t figure out how to cont the “no” to continue.


I shared publicly two checklists - Vapor Lock - Linking Example 1 and Vapor Lock - Linking Example 2 which you can find in the Snippets section of the Home page in MiraCheck Cloud. The first example hardwires a return to the item after the Vapor Lock once that section is complete. The second one uses Goto and Return for linking which automatically shows a prompt at the top of the screen where you can return where you came from at anytime while performing the list. The second example does have a current issue that when you click No, it doesn’t move to the next item. This has been fixed and will appear in the next release.

Here is detail for Linking Example 1…

Thanks. I tried example 1 in mine and it works great. I even understand it!

Is there a list of all the Item types with an explanation of how they work? I couldn’t find one in the manual. There are a few more things I’m playing with.

For example, I have Sections for cold, warm, and normal starts. I’m thinking of putting an Item at the end of the Before Start Section which allows the pilot to select which one (I think that one covered by one of your emergency branching lists Edit: which apparently don’t work.)

There is a video that walks through the item types on the website. Here is a link…

There is also a sample checklist with all of the items in it and examples…
Search for Form Item Examples from the Search panel.

To add them in the editor it is pretty straightforward. After adding a Check item, on the right you selected the Item Type you want. Each item type may have some specific parameters to fill in.

Here is another post that talks about Linking with Form Items…

What issue are you having with the Emergency Branching Lists example?

I added it to “My Checklists” and ran it on my Galaxy S7. Tapping either “If smoking counties” or “If smoking is deceasing” in the “Pressurization Source selector” went nowhere.

Hmm. Will take a look at. Seems to be working on iOS. Maybe issue on Android. Can you try the new one posted called Branching Emergency v2 (Form Items)?


Tapped “unknown source” in the source selector in both versions.

The old one works on my iPad Mini 4 but not on my S7.

The v2 works on both.

Android Version 2.4 released Dec. 6 fixes the linking issue on Android.