Subscription Pro info in the app please

I use MiraCheck twice per day, every day. This week it stopped having any pro features. There’s now only a “preview pro” button in the sidebar.

IN THE APP, please add:

An explanation for why it’s all gone.

A way to fix why its gone.

A way to see my itunes subscription status (am I pro, standard, free?)

A way to “restore” itunes subscriptions

A notification that subscription has expired

A way to send feedback that isn’t this forum webpage. Submitting a post to this forum while you’re on an iphone is painful and maddening.

Also it would be great to know how to fix my current situation.

It looks like your subscription expired May 14.

Right on the home page at the bottom it should show the Subscription status.

We do allow you to purchase from our website which does auto-renew the subscription every year.

Unfortunately, purchasing directly in the app right now is a one-time purchase, so when it expires there isn’t a notification. It doesn’t yet use the subscription model from Apple.

Purchasing from our website does help us out some because we then don’t get the Apple tax of 30%.

If you are going to purchase from Apple again, there should be buttons on the home page to make a purchase. If you purchase from our website, and it doesn’t still recognize it, let me know. Because you had a purchase through Apple, we may have to fix your account.

As far as support, you can always email:

Cool. Clearly the app knows when my plan expired, so PLEASE HAVE IT POP UP A MESSAGE SAYING THAT IT HAPPENED. Emailing support is not an ok solution to everyone who this happens to.

Thanks for the suggestion. We don’t see this complaint from customers because you purchased the app directly from within the app which a very small percent of our users do. Over 90% of purchases come from subscribing at our website ( or For a small company like us, not having to pay the Apple Tax of 30% can help a lot.

When purchased from the website, the subscription does automatically renew each year unless you cancel.

I think I’m hearing you saying that you that seeing the app mysteriously stopping to work in an unexplained way doesn’t happen to people who subscribe via the website? Am I understanding you correctly?

When purchased from the website it does automatically renew. That currently isn’t the case when purchased from Apple. I agree an alert should pop-up if it expires to direct you to that.

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