Suggestion: Global audio overrides

It would be really cool if Mira had the possibility to define a list of global audio overrides, which will automatically replace the corresponding word or sign in all checklist items. 95% of my audio overrides exist just because I need to change the pronunciation of a single word or acronym in an item (most often always the same ones).
So if we could centrally define a mapping like:
° = degrees
KIAS = knots
ATIS = aidis

Also, if there was a defined token which isn’t shown/printed in the checklist that we could use as “audio end” token, this would again reduce the number of required overrides. Example (##):
Fuel Selector Valve:
LEFT or RIGHT ##to prevent cross feeding

Thanks for the suggestion. We do have that capability in our enterprise product AmbiFi ( We will look at potentially getting in MiraCheck in the future.

Your second suggestion is very creative and will consider In the future.