Sync progress not indicated

When I do a Quick Sync, the indication of which checklists are being synced, and their progress, seems to have disappeared. I think they are syncing, but it’s nice to have the visual indication of which checklists are being synced.

Hi @Boatguy,
I am not sure if I understood correctly.
It’s less a problem and more a “feature request”, correct?
So you would like to have somewhat a more visual indication when checklists synchronise.

Just to make sure:
You are on:

  • app version 6.1.3 (or newer)
  • talking about synching updates from app → Cloud

Every interaction (e.g. item you checked off) you make is logged in your session log. If you have changes in you log file, the “update” icon on the top is orange, indicating unsynched changes:

Flying on a checklist, syching it, and “continuing” the flight (big play button on Goose screen) should not reset your procedures and/or delete your progress. I just tested (iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro & iPad Mini 6, all on Goose V6.1.3) it and the sessions were kept.
Continuing simply “updates” your log file, but keeps the session_id.

However, when you start a “New Flight” and/or reset/restart a checklist, a new session_id gets created.
A new session equals deleted progress.

You should have a visual reference for synchronising checklists, though. When you click the organce update icon, a screen overlays, showing the different sessions. Where is a little grey cloud symbol for unsyched sessions. After a successful upload, you should see these green checkmarks

Does that help at all and/or how a visual indication look like to you?
Any screen shots & details are highly appreciated :slight_smile:

We’ll make sure to have a better visual reference planned within the next few releases, when needed.

Many thanks!