Talk to Mira Help

In Version 4 of MiraCheck a completely new voice recognition technology has been implemented with major improvements in many areas. To properly use the Talk to Mira capability, a few things need to be understood. The following link details this.

Talk To Mira Help

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V4? Yeah… for iCrap. Really getting tired of companies that treat Android users like second class citizens.

It may be a harsh reality but in the aviation community the iPad is the device that is most supported by aviation companies. Aviation is a small enough niche that it is very difficult to build a business that tries to support both iOS and Android. Supporting Android takes a lot more resources because of the sheer number of devices and differences in OS versions. You may notice that a company like ForeFlight which owns most of the market for navigation apps has never supported Android. With our own app, over 95% of downloads come from iOS instead of Android, so it is a lot of effort for a very small amount of users. For some reason iOS users also seem more willing to pay a fair fee for apps.

That said we have tried everything we could do to support Android. I myself would love to see Android do better in the aviation community. The reason the voice recognition has not been supported is because there was no good on-device technology that works well on Android and we have tested many. We have been heavily testing the new technology on Android that we released with v4 and it is looking very promising. We should be releasing an Android version with the voice recognition technology in the next few weeks which will get the Android version in parity with the iOS version. Again with all the different Android devices to support we are not sure yet how well it will perform across a large amount of devices, but we are testing it on devices from the past couple of years and that have a newer version of the OS.