Talk to Mira on Android

I have MiraCheck on my iPad and on my Android phone (as a backup device). I can enable Talk to Mira on both devices, but it only works on iPad. My Android phone enables it successfully but will not recognize my voice.

I found a couple of posts elsewhere mentioning that voice recognition on Android is much more difficult than iPad. If it can’t work, why is there a toggle for it? If it should work, is there anything I can try to fix it?

I am also having issues with Android. I delete all the data and do a set from scratch. I am able to sort of use the sample check list. Then I log on to my account and every thing dies.

I have found that if I don’t mess with any of the ‘Talk to Mira’ settings it seems to work. As soon as I do it stops work and the only way to get it back is to delete all the data for the app.

Hope this helps.