Timer initiated checklists?

Thought of a cool idea today while out flying - is it possible to have checklists triggered based on the timer?

For instance, in my “Start Engine” checklist, I start the timer once the ignition switch is turned on. Every 30 minutes thereafter (or other, based on configuration), I’d like the “Switch Tanks” checklist to run


It is on the roadmap to have timer alerts, but initially the idea would have been just to have an alert with a message that you dismiss, like “Switch Tanks”. Do you think it would be useful for it to jump to another section within the checklist?

I think it would be useful to have be option. For example, I might have a multiple step checklist to run when switching tanks, or maybe I know that I have other things to do based on a certain time from liftoff (check O2 sat for example).

Thanks for the feedback

I would like this feature. I also run a 30 Minute Cruise checklist to go through 6 to 7 items.

Thanks. It’s on the roadmap.

Don’t limit your thinking to a single recurring message or messages based upon a timer.

I would like a feature where the next item to be checked would repeat the voice reading of that item after a set period of time. It would continue to repeat that item until it was checked. Once checked the item would no longer repeat.

Good suggestion. We are starting to look at geolocation and timer-based capability.