Use of variables

I am interested in entering a TPA value and an Elevation value for an airport that I am landing at. Then I would like all other references in the checklist that reference TPA or Elevation to use that value.

For example, assume that I have a checklist item in my Downwind section that reads: “Maintain altitude of TPA feet MSL”. I would like to enter a TPA value of 1,800 when I open the checklist. Then, when I come to the Downwind section, I would like the checklist item to read: “Maintain altitude of 1,800 feet MSL”, i.e., replacing the variable of TPA by the number that I entered earlier.

Is this possible?


There is no feature out of the box to do this. We are rolling out a scripting capability where it would make it very easy to pull something like this off, among other advanced things. I will try to post an example over the next week or so.