Using Multiple Devices on Same Checlist

Is there anyway to use multiple devices on the same checklist. I want to use my iPhone for walk around and iPad for inside cockpit. I could make multiple checklists but wanted to see if sharing a common version or syncing is possible.

For what it’s worth, that’s what I do. I have a Preflight & Securing checklist that I run on my iPhone, and then the main checklist runs on my iPad and starts with Before Starting Engine and ends with Stopping Engine.

A checklist can be shared on the iPhone and iPad, but you can’t in real-time have a session of running a checklist start on one device and end on another if that is what you are asking. As the previous user stated, having a Preflight checklist that you run on your phone and a Flight checklist that you run on your iPad is doable and it is what I do as well.

If you do want to have one common version that you maintain there are a couple ways to accomplish it. You could use the Filter Tags and add the tag Preflight to your Preflight list, and add the tag Flight to the rest of the lists. What this will do is give you a set of switches when you start the checklist which will allow you to select Preflight, Flight or both. Based on the switches you select it will display only that content, so on your phone if you select Preflight you will only see the preflight items. The second more advanced way is too use Value Triggers to make the appropriate lists available based on selecting a menu item.

If you search the forum on Filter Tags or Value Triggers you can get more info. Even if you don’t use these for this scenario, they are very useful for other use cases such as only showing Night or IFR items within the checklists or dynamically displaying IFR items dynamically in a flight.

All that said, honestly for your stated use case I think it is easier to just have a dedicated checklist you tap on for Preflight or Flight.

One thing you could do is use either wireless headphones or a headset while you are doing the walk around. I have a tango and AirPods, but it may be better with AirPods for the walk around.

I have started using Bluetooth headphones and Apple Watch for walk around. Thanks.

Cool! I suppose you could run all the checklists off the watch, even in flight, I know the AirPods are great at handing off, and should have enough range to do it from the iPad if you leave it in the cockpit.