Version 5 Loads First Time Only

Upgraded to V5 on iPhone 6 Plus (may be the problem) and the app works the first time. The next time I open the app, Mira makes her opening announcement but the app stops working seconds later. None of the links respond to touch in that few seconds, screen turns black, then it disappears. I have memory space on the iPhone but admit phone may be too old to operate the new version. I’ve reloaded the app four times. Is there a different solution to consider?

Yes, a device going on 8 years old, but more importantly 1 GB memory just a big challenge as new features are introduced. If you haven’t done so already try turning off Voice Search which definitely uses a large amount of memory. I believe our new flight plan feature probably using a good amount of memory too. For that one we will look in the future to add be able to toggle off that feature.

Thank you for the quick response. Voice search not on - still inop:-(
At least I know what’s happening. May be a while before I’m able to upgrade phone so perhaps, I’ll just print and use paper checklists from my computer in the meantime.