Voice for Android

Was this worked out for Droid? I only have the free version so can’t tell.

On Android Mira speaks to you, but there is not yet a way to control her with voice recognition. Offline voice recognition is much more challenging to support on Android. We are exploring a new technology that potentially would bring it to Android and have better recognition performance and support a wider variety of headsets. This is probably still months away but looking very positive.

OK, so, if I understand right then, she will read the checklist item, but we have no way of saying anything back to her like “Check” or “Skip”? Nor can we call up checklists by voice?

At least you’re working on it so that’s good news. It certainly seems about the best option out there for checklists. I’d love to get voice so I can mount my phone or tablet in the cockpit and do my pre-flight exterior walkaround with bluetooth.

I guess my other option (which is a truly horrible thought!!!) is to get a cheap iPad Mini just to run this. Seems an awful waste of money just for that, but remote checklist checking via BT is a desirable feature. It’s just I hate all products Apple/Mac! :slight_smile:

I hear you on the Apple disgust. Truth of the matter, especially in the pilot community is over 9 out of every 10 sales are from an Apple device. It’s how ForeFlight has more than survived never having an Android version. The other truth is unless you are one of the big guys with major budgets, it really is much harder to build a robust app that works well across the shear number of Android devices. We are exploring for the long term a technology that may allow us to get Android in parity, but no guarantees yet. As far as the walk around, a suggestion and what I do is separate the checklist into preflight and inflight. I put the preflight on my phone and inflight on tablet. Phone much easier to use outside the cockpit. With the Big Check Overlay feature you can easily tap anywhere on the screen to hear the next item in the checklist.

I think that’s where I’ll end up going as I always have both with me. I really can’t stomach the thought of giving Apple any ideas that I might like them by buying one of their products! Think I’ll just poke myself in the eye with this pen I’m holding… Ahhh, there we go, much better than buying an Apple!!

If you need a tester in the future for alphas or betas, etc, please keep me in mind. As I’m moving from full time web design to not-quite full time CFI I’ll have plenty of opportunities to test for you.

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