Voice on Droid and CFI promotions


When I bought a lifetime subscription for MC, Droid didn’t support voice recognition. It was a big disappointment at the time, but I had banked on MC getting it sorted eventually. I was so excited this morning to see the exciting announcement in my inbox - VR now available on Droid!

I have had to adjust some of my LABEL 2 entries as they were just too complication and, instead, add some of that text to LABEL 1. I suspect, as VR is still, overall, rather in its infancy (just try a complicated request to Siri or Alexa to find THAT out!!), and it’s also very new to MC Droid, it has problems with complicated text. It also needs responses to be written phonetically. “READY” is not recognized (perhaps it’s just my New Zealand accent!! LOL!). I had to rerwrite it as “REDY” and then MC was happy.

Otherwise, it works flawlessly, and I’m excited to introduce my students to it (I’m a CFI). Can I suggest you consider giving some sort of discount to CFIs (and maybe add in military too). I use iFLY-GPS as my EFB and they add extra time to each subscription. XWing give their EFB free to CFIs. For me, having bought into the 1 time lifetime license, this makes no difference, however, promoting through CFIs is a great way to precisely reach your target market.

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, we are doing the best we can with voice recognition in a challenging environment like the cockpit as well as working completely on-device and there will be a few gotchas here-and-there, but in our testing we get pretty awesome performance, especially with high-end bluetooth headsets like Lightspeed and Bose. It sounds like you are utilizing challenge-and-response mode which adds even a few more challenges because it is dynamically allowing the user to create their own vocabulary. If you use it as a Do-style checklist where you just confirm with CHECK or SKIP it would get a little better performance.

As far as CFI and military, I agree we should have some offer. It is something we will try to figure out.

Yes I am using the challenge-response setup - it is SOOOOOOOO wonderful! I figured that you’d get it sorted one day hence my going for the lifetime special. Now I’m grinning from ear to ear. Can’t wait to blow my fellow instructors and students away with it!!

What I’m doing is utilizing, in as many places as seems logical, just “CHECK” as the response. Yes, it would be nice to respond with a longer statement, but it’s quite adequate. Where applicable, such as “Fuel selector - set to fullest” I’ve been successful in MC recognizing “SET TO FULLEST” as the response, but she has an issue with anything much longer.

If you’d like any interaction regarding setting up some “plan” for CFIs and military, feel free to drop me an email. Happy to be part of the discussion. However, there’s a bunch of other aviation-related softwares doing some sort of “deal” so you should have plenty of ideas to glean from. I haven’t seen this one, but maybe offer to flight schools at a discount that they could have the opportunity to just provide it as a cheap electronic version of their checklists or make a small profit as an add-on sale.

Interestingly (and embarrassingly!!), I went to show a student yesterday and Mira refused to hear me. Said she was listening, but it was like she’d switched mic access off. I checked and mic access for the app was still enabled. I turned off, then on every setting in MC to no avail. In the end, I rebooted the phone and she started hearing me again. No idea if it was the phone or the app.

On a positive note, one of my students has already decided he’s going with the PRO version, and a friend, Victor, just said he’d bought PRO too. He and I have the same A/C.

Sorry to “hear”. If you run across again and there is some sort of pattern, let us know. And thanks for the evangelizing!

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