Voice prompts and clearness?

I have found that I need to use words other than “Check” to use the Challenge/Response functionality because Mira never seems to understand me on the first go around - I usually say check about 6 different ways and then just tap the screen. Is there a way to make Mira understand that word better? I have changed my checklist to use “Visually Inspected” instead as it seems to work better.

Also - just a small nit - can we get Mira to properly pronounce words like pitot, ignition and empennage?

Are you pairing a headset when using the voice recognition? If so, what headset model? If it is taking six times to recognize what you are saying, then probably not optimal voice recognition going on. If you can share the audio settings you are using as well that would help.

As far as the pronunciation, there is a feature in the editor to have anything pronounced differently. In the Advanced section when you are editing an Item, there is a Label 1 Audio Override and Label 2 Audio Override. This allows you to have Mira say something different than what she would read as Label 1 or Label 2. Here you can phonetically spell things out for tough words, like “pee-toe” for “pitot”.

I have tried it with both bluetooth pairing and using a wired headphone (and also on speaker). Maybe its just the way I say “check” that throws it off.

It recognizes almost every other phrase on the first or second time, but something about the word “check” makes it ignore me.

Great tip on the audio override - I’ll play with that.

Try CHECK ITEM or CHECK IT which are also supported. With the Version 1.4.0 which was just released, you can also prefix any command with MIRA, so MIRA CHECK could work as well.

You bring up a good point though. In the future we will let you override what word is used for CHECK and SKIP with a phrase that works most ideal for you.

I’m using Bose A20 with the 11 operating system. I’ve tried every setting from 1 to 5 with all iterations of other settings compatibility mode 4 works best, but the voice recognition is worse than useless. The distractions trying to operate the software today ended up with busting the Denver Bravo. Unless a major improvement Is possible, the way this software operates now is dangerous.

I love the idea and if it works properly the result will be the opposite. Does anybody know a way to make it work reliably with A20. I have to announce check it, which is the only phrase that ever works for me, 1 to 6 times per item.

I have the same setup as you using an A20 and iOS 11 and get much different results. The video I have on the website has no smoke-and-mirrors and is the same reliability I am getting during flights with heavy ATC usage. Although CHECK works for me most of the time, CHECK ITEM is even more reliable. Can you take a screen grab of the audio preferences or list the settings you are using? If you are not in the cockpit and you test with the A20, is it just as unreliable?

I tried at least 200 settings in the living room. Compatibility mode 4 worked best at 1.8 big noise, talk to Mira, listens aggressively, interrupt Mira, say check. As I said in the earlier post. Check has not worked once in all that testing. Check item very rarely, check it average 3 tries. But sometimes 4-6 in a row first try.

When you say in the living room, is that with the A20 headset on using bluetooth, or using the iPad’s internal mic?

The settings I would first start with are with the A20 connected:
Compatibility Mode 1
Challenge / Response OFF
Listens Aggressively OFF
Interrupt Mira OFF
Background Noise 3.5

I just recorded this video to show my current settings and the performance I get with the A20.

Also, if you test without the headset just using the internal mic on the iPad in a quiet room with the same settings as above but with Interrupt Mira OFF and Background Noise of 2.5 are you having similar issues?