Why do I have to pay again, I have already purchased this product?

I keep getting emails from Mira Check saying I need to pay money for this product that I have already purchased???

If you are an existing CheckMate customer you do not have to purchase anything. After creating an account on MiraCheck you were put in the Basic Plan (CheckMate) which offers similar functionality (and in many case much improved) as the previous CheckMate app. With MiraCheck, there are other plans though (Standard and Pro) that add more functionality. You can click the Preview Pro button in the app to test out the extra functionality and review the plans at http://www.miracheck.com/plans.html. It is up to you if you want to upgrade to another plan, but we send the emails out to make you aware what is available.

OK well I own a hard copy of a checkmate checklist for my plane ( mooney bravo tls ) and I went to the checkmate site and was trying to determine how to get an electronic copy so that I do not have to input the entire thing manually
It appears that the mooney bravo checklist is no longer available on checkmate and I have no idea how to get a E version
Can you assist with that.


I thought you were saying you were a previous digital CheckMate customer. The printed cards are completely different. An analogy would be when you purchase a paperback or hardcover book you don’t also get the e version of a book. There is a lot of work an infrastructure to support a digital ecosystem as well as getting content in the proper format.

MiraCheck is also not the same company as CheckMate. We just license some of their content to sell.

The Mooney Bravo has never existed as an e version. There are only a subset of the printed version that do.

We are contemplating having a service where users that have hardcopy content and don’t want to enter it themselves could send it to us through photo, scan, pdf, etc… and we would get the content in there. There would be a fee based on complexity of content. Is this something you would be interested in exploring?