Why is MiraCheck so much slower than the old CheckMate?

Just switched over to MiraCheck from the old CheckMate app. The new MiraCheck app is noticeably slower than the old CheckMate app. When you click on a section within a checklist, the screen goes semi-dark while you wait for it to load. Why? You’d think a current iPad could display something as simple as a checklist at blinding fast speeds? One particular checklist has six sections in it and it takes way longer to load than the old CheckMate app did.

Sorry. It is not an apples to apples comparison. As technology progresses, new capabilities are taken advantage of. I recall Word 97, running faster than the current version of Word on hardware that was many multiples slower :slight_smile:

You call it a simple checklist, but there is a lot going on to try to create a more streamlined, rich experience. MiraCheck’s goal is to go beyond the checklist and model a co-pilot. Every element of a checklist now supports very rich content styling, images, videos, emoji’s and url-style links. Behind each item a full web browser can be used to display more rich content, as well as taking personal notes and sketches. A subset of the comments can also be inlined directly in the checklist. There is an integrated flight timer that tracks from starting the engine to shutting down. Items can also be of many different types, from text inputs, yes / no questions, pickers, date / time pickers, location and address search, photo uploads and sketchpads. Content can be laid out horizontally, vertically, or in collapsible sections which tends to work much better for reference and emergency procedure for quicker access. It has a much more sophisticated model for always scrolling the checkbox directly to where your thumb typically would be to move through the content more efficiently once loaded. There are also multiple ways to navigate such as the Checkbar, the Big Check Overlay (turning entire screen into checkbox) and Apple Watch. On top of that, each item supports voice recognition as well as Siri reading the content. Entire sections can be read back to you with a pause/play capability. Very advanced linking and branching can also occur where you can jump anywhere within the checklist as well as externally to other checklists. Finally, the entire design also allows the checklist to be overlaid on top of your favorite nav app like ForeFlight or Garmin Pilot. On a typical iPad or iPhone from the last few years, switching between lists is typically well below a second.

We have a free version and the ability to preview the Pro features (as well as a 30-day Pro trial) so each user can decide if it is the right tool for them.

Thank you for the lengthy reply.

Ahh, Word 97. A fairly new word processor as an example of speed. I always hated Microsoft’s line compared to the Lotus line of products. Perhaps an even better example of speed would have been the ASCII version of Wordpro on a Commodore 64 if you’d like to dig back a bit further to a fast program on slow hardware. 64K of RAM for the OS and yet one could easily whip up an entire essays and print it out on the rhythmic buzz of your ribbon printer.

I am an IT professional of 20+ years now, I am very familiar with what happens as features are added and chips become faster. I have grown exhausted with new features being added at the expense of speed. I have also found that in today’s age of high level programming, the art of optimization has been lost. One time I ran a demonstration OS that was only 600K in size yet came with VESA drivers and a full graphical interface, keyboard and mouse input, a menu system, print drivers and more, and to say it was fast was an understatement. It worked because the entire OS was literally programmed in assembly language. That was art. There is so much room for optimization in programs these days that it is absolutely ridiculous.

So with that I will say… please continue to focus on the speed of the app as much as possible. Please find ways to optimize your code. I realize you are busy adding in new features, but never loose site of speed. Programs today are so bloated, and so slow, and have so much eye candy on them that it is beyond irritating. To use a fast program these days is a treat in and of itself.


I would like to “second the motion” to request a look at improving the speed of the checklist. There are more than enough features in it for me now, but I am finding that it is slowing down my flow. I have a fast aircraft and I can’t be waiting for MiraCheck to keep up with me. I do love the capability, though!

I have complex checklist for my Mooney and have not found either the iPhone or iPads noticeably slow in handling the checklist. I’ve not found my self waiting for the checklist to catch up to me. The time consuming part is actually ticking the boxes.