Audio Label Override Indicator (ALO indicator)

Hello Jeff,

Would it be possible to have an Audio Label Overide (ALO) indicator ? What do I mean?

When we edit Primary Labels, we cannot really tell if an Audio Override Label is present or not. To let us know that an ALO is present, I suggest to add an asterisk beside the Primary Labels’ tittle that would indicate the presence of override audio tracks. This way, we would know if we need to scroll down or not to edit the ALO.

And why not and an hyperlink to that asterisk. So, when we click on it, it bring us right down to the corresponding ALO for editing.

Hope this suggestion can easily be integrated and make its way to the next MiraCheck version ! Here is a screen shot of what I mean.


A new capability has been added to address this. You can check out the topic Audio Override Information to learn more.

Thank you Jeff.