Branching, Linking, Triggers, Data

I’ve not yet logged in and created a checklist but have been reading and watching all the videos. I have a few questions about features I haven’t seen mentioned.


Many of the checklists for my aircraft require branching. The checklist will start off with a list of steps and then pose a question such as Step A, Step B, Step C, Question, “Did generator come back online?” If yes, steps…, If no, steps… It will then eventually come to a Procedure Complete step to end the checklist. It can contain multiple branches. Does MiraCheck support this functionality?


Some of my checklists will end with a set of links to other links. For instance, after engine failure checklist it has, “For engine restart go to checklist A. For single engine landing go to checklist B.” Does Mira support this?


Can Mira trigger checklists automatically? For instance, after passing 35 Knots and a GPS height gain of 400’ trigger the after takeoff checklist.


Can Mira pull external data? For instance, “Altimiters… Set to 29.85” pulling the altimeter setting from the nearest airport METAR.

CAS Messages

Does it suport having checklist titles with a black background with white, yellow, cyan, and red text? My abnormal procedure checklists show the CAS messages as the checklist titles in this format.

Wow, you should be a product designer :slight_smile: We just went live a few months back and are working hard to add new capability. The features you request are pretty advanced features. Branching, linking and triggers for example by GPS are all on the roadmap. The pulling data such as metar would require some sort of data connection which may work at low altitudes if have cell service. We do support some level of changing colors on labels. It wouldn’t be that hard to meet the formatting requirements you are suggesting for section titles.

We do have some level of branching and linking as you mention with the voice control. You can jump to any list or section by title by saying MIRA GO-AROUND for example. You can even setup multiple phrases for each title like EMERGENCY | HELP | MAYDAY.

:slight_smile: It’s looking good so far.

Good to hear Branching, linking, and triggers are on the road map. Pulling data is mostly for on the ground however those of us with WiFi would still appreciate the ability to do so in the air.

Linking like what you describe wouldn’t work. The checklist has 150 or more procedures. It wouldn’t be possible to know the name of the procedure you needed to go to in order to be able to call it by name. Happy to post pictures of some of these checklists if it would help.

It would also be nice to be able to display comments below the checklist item as opposed to always having to press and hold the yellow comments icon. Sometimes the comment is a brief single line easy to display below the challenge/response.

Other times the pressing of the icon makes sense where the amount of text might be several paragraphs.

Comments below is already supported. You would check Label Only for the item in the checklist. That does allow you to set a background and foreground color for the comments as well as using Markdown for Rich text, images, video links, URL links.

FYI if you didn’t notice…you can press-and-hold anywhere on the item, not just the icon.

One idea - for remote data, if a data connection is unavailable, it would be awesome if, for example looking for altimeter data, a checklist could be configured to either say “set altimeter to 29.85” or “set altimeter from nearest AWOS 119.75” based on whether a data connection exists or not. GPS data could be used to determine the nearest airport and a quick bounce off the FAS apt.txt data could reveal the ATIS or AWOS of nearest airport.

Similarly, “contact departure, 124.7” would be useful too based on GPS nearest departure controller data

Thanks Nick. As we integrate GPS info, yes there will be a number of datasources that can be very useful, and I like the thinking of the fallback of GPS or real-time data.

@travisr100 Here is preview on linking as well as inline comments. Note, inline comments looks very promising but initially is experimental and should be used sparingly.

I am very interested in trying out the new linking capability. The video demonstrates what they can do, but don’t appear to show how to code it. Can you point me in the direction of the “How-To” for this new functionality. The videos refer to a “Cessna 182 P - N6472G” checklist that includes this linking capability. So I was hoping to find that in the catalog, but could not find it.

We added an example of the internal linking in a checklist in the Featured (Snippets) section on the home page. You can download the Branching Emergency Snippet. That is a very advanced example of linking.

For a simple link inside a checklist you would add an ID value to the List, Section or Item and then use this syntax within Label 1 or Label 2…

[Jump to Postflight](gotoAndReturn:#postflight)

That will also popup the history dialog. If you don’t want that, then…

[Jump to Postflight](goto:#postflight)

For externally linking to another checklist you would add an ID for the Checklist (root node in hierarchy). This ID should be universally unique, so having tail number in there good. Then to make the link you use this syntax within Label 1 or Label 2…

[Preflight Complete](gotoAndReturn:n6472g-preflight)

If you just want to jump without the history popping up then…

[Preflight Complete](goto:n6472g-preflight)

If you want to deep link which means jump to external checklist and jump to internal ID in checklist, then you would add an ID for the internal List, Section or Item and then…

[Preflight Complete](gotoAndReturn:n6472g-preflight;#internal-id-goes-here)

That’s what I was looking for, thank you…

I pulled the Branching Emergency Snippet into my checklists, but when I go to the editor I am not seeing the coding that you refer to… What am I missing or not doing right ?

Here is a screen grab from it…

…to the right you should see the linking coding.

Are you need seeing that coding?

Ops, my bad I was looking at the wrong item …

Can you jump to a different section within the current check list ?
I see the regular goto on the same section, and to link to an external check list but nothing talking about within the same checklist but different section
I have tried several different versions and every time I click the link it crashes the app.
I am trying to use:[Jump to airspeeds](goto:Speeds)
From my prior to runway for N5**L check list (stars indicate removed data)

I have also tried:
[Jump to airspeeds](goto:Speeds#Quick-Speeds)

[Review Air Speeds](gotoAndReturn:N5**L-Speeds;#Quick-Speeds)

Is it because that is a quick speed section ???

You can jump anywhere…this post has the instructions…

You need to put an ID on where you want to jump to, and then would use command:

[Jump to airspeeds](gotoAndReturn:#id-to-jump-to)

You need to make sure to fill in the ID field of where you want to jump to. The Label field is just the visual label, the ID is what you fill in to link to.

Humm, I can’t even jump down in the current list (crashes app)

I am using: (note front brace removed to display in post)

Jump to smething](gotoAndReturn:#jump)

but also tired this for the other section

Jump to airspeeds](goto:Speeds#Quick-Speeds)

Jump to airspeeds](gotoAndReturn:#Quick-Speeds)

Jump to airspeeds](gotoAndReturn:Quick-Speeds)

nothing seems to be working tried on Iphone and Ipad both crash app.

What am I missing here ?

Are you filling in the ID field of where you are trying to jump to? Do you fill in the ID with the value jump for your first example? You can’t jump to the name of the Label. The Label is just what visually is displayed on the screen. You need to add an ID that is unique within the checklist and which has no spaces. For an Item, the ID is in the Advanced section.

If you review the Branching Emergency Snippet, you will see that the items that are being jumped to have an ID filled in.

BTW, to display properly in post, highlight the text and use the Preformatted Text action on the toolbar like this:

[Jump to something](gotoAndReturn:#id-for-jump)