Can we de-activate auto-read of an Emergency Section called by voice?

First happy 2023, many happy landings to all.

Is there a flag/check box with which to decide at the section level whether to start in auto-read or not?

When selecting with Voice an Emergency Section it goes in auto-read, in other sections it just opens a section to the first item. Right now, if I want to open without auto-read, it’s possible to call up the Emergency List by voice, but then it is necessary to light press the section that is desired.

This is possibly without any setup alternative (as implied in Admin’s post on in Jan 22 on ‘New Completion Information status’ “Basically, it is indexing the List and Section titles and you use the GOTO command to jump there. For most of them it doesn’t auto-read, but if the section is in a section called Emergency, then it will auto-read.” Regards.

Currently, if the Section is in a List called Emergency then it will auto-read. There is not yet a preference at a section level to auto-read or not. You could put any sections you don’t want in another List called something other than Emergency and it won’t auto-read. As well as tapping the Section title to start the read, you can say MIRA READ SECTION to do it with your voice.