Challenge / Response Mode Information


The Challenge/Response feature is an advanced feature that implements a true Challenge/Response system in MiraCheck. The CheckMate content and current content in the system is not properly authored to effectively utilize this. You can start to explore this feature by creating your own checklist. The content you put in Label 1 is the Challenge. The content you put in Label 2 is the Response. An example would be to put in Label 1 ‘Flaps’ and put in Label 2 ‘Down’.

The way it works is Mira will read Label 1 of an item, the Challenge. You then would respond with whatever you put in Label 2, the Response. For it to work effectively it is best to have short responses, and to also keep the total number of responses across the checklist to a small number, probably 20 or less for an entire checklist.

By default, this feature is not turned on. Also, turn Talk to Mira on so you can speak your responses.

Talk to Mira Information