Emergency attributes

Hi, I am looking how to add the ‘simple view’ to (only) the emergency list (ie. without checkboxes and having it start going through the items automatically as soon as I expand a section). I have looked at the Cessna 172 N (POH 1978) as an example where this is present but can’t find the settings which were used to achieve this,
please advice.

There is a property when you select a List in the editor like the Emergency list called Default View. The default is checklistView. Setting to onePageView will give you what you want.

The Simple View is great for Emergency lists. It would be even better if when the list is reset with Reset Current List, the various sections are all collapsed back into their original state with no item selected. Today my experience is that it clears the checks, but the selects the first item in the first section which is not appropriate for Emergency lists.

Will take a look at for a future release. Also, if you didn’t know if you press-and-hold the expand/collapse button it collapses all the sections if some are expanded and expands all of them if they are all collapsed.

This is what it will look like in the next release.

The tip about press and hold is good. Obviously I’m trying to accomplish that just by reaching the end of a section and forcing a Reset List.

I’m using the Simple layout, but the collapsed list is partially concealed because the top items is centered vertically on the screen, so it’s necessary to scroll to see past the 7th section (iPad mini). This sort of defeats the purpose of the Simple layout; no it seems like a choice of scrolling vertically or horizontally to see different sections. Is there a way to force the Simple layout to start at the top of the screen?

It is something we potentially would look at in the future. The philosophy is to always center the selected item so you can always interact with and view it consistently. Depending on device size there may always be some items concealed. With a touchscreen a very quick swipe allows you to quickly bring things into view. One feature you may not be aware of is if you press-and-hold the binoculars it puts it into a bird’s-eye view with large buttons and shows more buttons that can be shown vertically and quickly jump. In the future we may allow this to be a default view for a List.

If you watch the video above you will see then next release will do exactly that.

Emergency lists deserve special consideration and if necessary entirely different treatment and functionality. In my case it’s a non-pilot person in the right seat who can contribute to the successful resolution of an emergency situation. Accessing an emergency checklist should not require special training on the nuances of the rarely used features of the UI during a high stress event. Or I may be alone in the cockpit and simply want the fastest / simplest way to reach the relevant material.

My AFM lists 29 different Emergency Procedures. I suspect that more sophisticated aircraft than my DA40 (e.g., Cirrus SF50 or any “cabin class” pressurized turboprop or jet) have even more. Miracheck has the potential to be a better resource than the AFM or factory printed checklists. But the UI that is perfect for low stress situations may not be the best UI for high stress situations.

Version 4.3 was just released. There are new capabilities that should address the special consideration of Emergency and Abnormal procedures. The Simple View now uses all available space to display items. The Birdseye View is even more optimized for such situations and can display many more sections than Simple View. You can now auto-start any list such as an Emergency List in Birdseye View.

Here is more info on the Version 4.3 release.

The birdseye view is great!