Entering Flight Sim Mode

I may be being dim, but the Flight sim mode toggle is greyed out on my sidebar in the TBM 930 checklist. Is it not activated yet, or have I failed to set something properly. I am quite keen to test it over the holidays and ideally improve the checklist for community use. I am using the latest Mira 5.00 release.

And Merry Christmas, btw.


Make sure the Tracking toggle is first ON. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Also note the Location settings for MiraCheck are to be at “Always”. That is under “Privacy” in Settings. Is that correct?

Since MiraCheck works in the background, yes you would need to select Always to get position updates. Usually iOS will prompt you for that without having to go to Settings.

I am in X-Plane now, in line up and wait on the runway. What do I see in MiraCheck that confirms the connection to X-Plane? I see the tape in MiraCheck but nothing changes upon take off and climb.
“Start Watching” does not change this.

Did you setup the CoPilot Phases panel in MiraCheck Cloud for that checklist to say what you want Mira monitoring?

Checking the User Guide now. Thanks

If you look at the Databar, you could confirm if X-Plane is getting good data if the elevation matches the origin airport in your flight plan. The heading should also match your runway heading if lined up.

I set up the Co-Pilot Phases both via my Browser and via the connected iPad. Saved and reopened to assure the boxes are checked. Restarted X-Plane. All numbers on the tape are still at Zero.

How did you configure X-Plane? If you can share screenshots would be great.

Configure X-Plane ? Please clarify. I am at PGUM and take off from 6R. I do not use local, real time. Mira speaks out the Checklist Title, confirming it is the same as I set up for Co-Pilot Phases.

I mean how did you setup X-Plane to connect to MiraCheck? There is an X-Plane dialog where you need to enter the IP Address MiraCheck is displaying.

MiraCheck shows in the iPad app menu.
Looks like that is the X-Plane computer IP Address.
X-Plane shows a second, different IP address. See Screenshot.

How to revise for MiraCheck?

It looks like the X-Plane machine is The iPad is what MiraCheck is reporting Try entering that IP address ( in the field where you have checked Transmit to a single mapping app.

You could also try the Broadcast to all mapping apps on the network which works with some network configs.

Tried both checkboxes, then just one, then the other. Sorry. Nothing registers in MiraCheck for the flight. Shutdown X-Plane and my iPad for a full restart of the applications. No change.

Tomorrow will try to go through the process on X-Plane. We have beta testers that used X-Plane throughout testing and I have tested myself a while back.

IP address did not save properly or I was not careful. When X-Plane IP matches what MiraCheck is looking for, the tape instantly came alive. All good.

Perfect. Yes, I tested this morning and all looked good. For me though, I definitely had to use the option to broadcast to a single IP address.