Linking to section - items disabled

I have a branch from the Mag Test to the Plug Foul section based on a “No” to the Mag Test. However, though it jumps to the section fine, all the items in that section are disabled. Not sure what I’ve done wrong!

Sounds like you may have set a Mandatory item prior to the one you are jumping to?

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The way Mandatory works, all items will be disabled until you check all the items prior to it in a List. So in your scenario, since you made everything Mandatory you can’t jump into the middle of the List. If you make everything mandatory it is going to be difficult to jump in the middle of things. One things you can do is if you put the Mag Drop/Plug Foul Section in its own List then you will be able to jump to it. So as a rule of thumb, if you are going to make everything mandatory, then any things you want to be able to jump to that aren’t the start of a List should be in there own List.

OK I see. Thanks. I’ll do that.

Just as an aside, I have the same (I think) linking structure within the Start | StartUp sections and it works fine.

That works because in that case you are jumping to a new List and the Hot Start is the first thing. You aren’t jumping into a middle of a List where everything before it is mandatory.

Not so. It’s still jumping to a section in the main checklist. I know I had it linked to the new external checklist I copied over, but I am finding Mira saves stuff and then, from time to time, loses it. This is one of those cases as I remember looking up the syntax for external checklist linking and entering:


Now that entry has gone and the GoTo has reverted to jumping to within the main Cessna 172 checklist. I’ve seen this reversion happen on a number of occasions. I am now repasting the GoTo line above into the spot on the StartUp section where the engine doesn’t start.

EDIT: I must have that code above incorrect as it won’t jump to that checklist - ID could not be found. I tried to follow the examples at How do I use linking in checklist?, but, there is a lack of information on this page for it to completely make sense.

The post you are referring to is for linking when you inline content in a Label e.g. Link to something.

Did you see this post on linking which covers the scenario when linking from Yes / No items and other form items.

The #1 reason the error “ID could not be found” occurs when trying to link internally to an items is the # before the ID was not included in the Link ID.

Also, with all of your mandatory items you really need to fully understand how that works for you to utilize properly, especially when linking. It is pretty simple. If an item is marked Mandatory in a List, all items in that list after that item are disabled until you check that item. So if you are trying to jump in the middle of a List that has all items Mandatory that will not work unless you know that all items will be first checked or you are jumping to the first item. That is why I suggested putting your Section in its own list. If its in its own List you will be able to jump to the first item.

I did make an external list to jump to, but I don’t get external linking syntax and I cannot make it work. I read that other help, but it’s still very confusing - that particular help page doesn’t have clear examples to follow.

It also mentions using GoTo and Return, but I don’t want that on the Yes selection. From reading that help, it appears that the action to go there is not a Yes/No, but rather a straight link to. GoTo and Return would then work, but it does not for a Yes/No item. “Did the engine start?” Yes?no. On yes go to the next item in the current checklist/current section. If No, GoToandReturn to checklist “engineaddon172” and section “notstart” - that’s what I want. But I can’t figure out how to do it.

I have finally gotten why the Mag Drop/Plug Clearance jump to wasn’t working (within the same checklist) despite the Hot Start section didn’t. After reading and rereading realized I had them in the same list as different sections. While this now works fine as I’ve made them into 2 different lists, I really see a benefit in making them a different checklist, if I can only get to grips with external linking. :thinking:

You may want to check out the new post on linking. There is also a new Linking Command Reference that should help as well.

FYI, there was an issue found with external linking in the Version 3 release, and may have been some of your frustration. The trouble you were having may be solved. Basically to link to an external checklist if you put an ID on the root node of a checklist and then link to it like…

[Link To External Checklist](goto:my-checklist-id)

…it should now work.

Version 3.0.4 has this fix