Mira, Mirabel, Voice and Speed

Hi all,

Is there any way to set the voice and speed for Mira?

BTW, a number of features are not visible on the app, how do I make them appear please?

Yes, under the Mira section from the slide-out menu there is a slider to control the voice speed. Did you purchase a plan? Only the Pro Plan has the voice options. You should be able to Preview the Pro Plan which gives you a limited time to explore those capabilities.

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Hi Jeff, no, not yet. I was trying to develop a good checklist, including the testing. Did not know that the Voice and Pro features was limited to some tries, have exhausted them ATM.

I think I ran out especially trying the Challenge/ Response feature, I wish I could buy a “test” version for some more time, before I finalise and purchase.

Pro tip. Delete the app and re-install and you will get more tries :slight_smile:

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Ah, thanks Jeff for the tip! But if I log in with the same account? Will I still get it? I really want to build the checklist for the challenge response … so far done quite well with the font sizing and colours etc.

BTW, since you are the experts in this: Is there a way to link or open another app, e.g. Skydemon or even IOS Notes from within the app at a certain checkpoint, say when listening to the ATIS?

Yes, if log in with same account, should have all your content.

And yes, you can link to external apps if they have a URL or you use the Apple Shortcuts app.

Here is a post on that topic…

Thanks a lot Jeff, impressive amounts of help.

I’ll continue to test the app, doing a thousand saves!

Yep, I work in IT too… NOT in coding though … but security.

I just want to test, test, test, and then the risk of not saving … :wink: