MiraCheck and Android Tablets

I am confused as to whether Voice Recognition on Android devices is supported or not in MiraCheck. I have seen old posts that suggest that it is not, but more recent questions suggesting that it may work. Spent hours trying to get my Galaxy Tab A 8" 2019/Android 11 to respond to voice with no luck. Works fine on my iPhone. Don’t want to waste more time if this is not a supported feature. Any advice?



Did more digging and used the suggestions on the post " [Need help with voice recognition] (Need help with voice recognition)". After several tries things are finally beginning to work. Encouraged but not yet confident. Still love the product!

I did get my Droid to work with challenge and response a few years back. However, due to needing to buy an iPad to run Foreflight as the school I taught at required it, I now use it on iOS. But it does work fine. Keep at it. Sorry, I just don’t remember now what I did to get it working. IIRC, there was a setting in Mira that you need to turn on to make “her” listen for your command to start - just like Siri or Alexa.