Multiple Options Checklist Flow

I’m new to MiraCheck CoPilot and I’ve done some digging and don’t see a solution to my dilemma. I’d like to have my Preflight checklist when it comes to starting engines ask if it’s a Normal Start or a Hot Start, and then proceed down the procedures for which ever choice I make. Then it would go on to the same After Start Checklist without seeing any of the other Option for Starting. I hope that makes sense. Can anyone give me a suggestion as to how to do that?

There are a couple of solutions here. One is to use the Filter capability. With the Filter, after launching your checklist you can be given two options. One Normal Start, and one Hot Start. Based on the one you choose, it will show the appropriate content. You can learn more about Filters here.

Another option is too use Value Triggers. This will allow you to ask the question in the flow of your checklist. This tutorial shows a similar use case, although you would want to make one of the sections visible and hide the other one in your case.

For your use case you would want the question to be, Do you want to do a Hot Start? If you answer NO, you can make the assumption to go down the Normal Start path.

if (mc.gettValue()==="yes") {
} else {

Let me know what option you chose and if it worked for you.