Picker linking how-to

Congrats on Version 3.0! The Picker buttons are great. The announcement mentions “advanced functionality” for Picker linking, and the cloud editor has what I think is a new field for each item within a Picker list labeled “Properties.” Is there a source of info on how to use the advanced functionality, and how to use the Properties field?

Also, the “What’s New in 3.0” doesn’t link to anything on my iPad…?

Will have a post soon with how to use the advanced linking in Picker items.

Not sure why What’s New not working for you. What are you seeing when you click on it? Testing here on multiple devices and not seeing an issue. The email that was sent out pretty much is the same content as what would be in that section.

Thanks - looking forward to learning about the Picker linking options.

Re-started the app, and the What’s New link works OK.

I have created a post for how the advanced linking works for a picker…

Thank you!
Is there a list somewhere showing the correct syntax for each of the available Properties field link actions (the part before the hash mark) making up the JSON snippets? The syntax appears to be different from the descriptions shown in the drop-down box for the global Picker Link Action field. For example, “Goto (Reset Items In Range)” vs “resetRangeAndGoto”.

A new post has been added that details all of the commands.

Perfect - thank you!

What is the point of the “OK” box at the end of the picker buttons?

With the OK button you can make a selection and then it gives you an opportunity to change your selection before moving on to the next item. You click OK when you are happy with your selection. There is an Advance on Select checkbox that if you check that it then hides the OK button and immediately navigates after your selection.

Excellent, that removed the “OK”. Thanks!