Print List Headers

Is there a way to ensure that List Headers are printed? They do not appear on my printed versions although printing is not suppressed. Thanks Philipp

I assume you are using the Columns format? Try now…made a change to show them.

Thx for swift turn around. As a suggestion, the various print formats are not consistent:

  • Other than portrait standard and the 2 columns formats, the list-header still does not show.
  • In portrait standard, all comments are automatically printed whereas they are not printed in the other formats.
  • If you use “Single Line Check Items” (which I do), it would be great if “Label Only” items where treated differently in the print. Labels usually contain explanatory text and should not be presented in Columns such as the normal Check items.

Those would be “nice to have”.

BTW: Great fan of your product and absolutely love it. I have pretty much finalised my SR22TN-Checklist and about to publish it and advertise on COPA.

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the feedback. All of your feedback has been addressed. Here is a link that describes the improvements.