Setting a Decision Height

Allows you to set an altitude to be alerted when you reach it. The altitude can be above or below you.

NOTE: It uses GPS altitude which is not as accurate as your primary altimeter. Your copilot is just suggesting to check your primary altimeter when she thinks you are close.


Documentation for all voice commands…

A video walkthru on how to set decision height…

One thing to understand about setting a decision height, you would set it to the altitude from sea level. So if the airport you are landing at is 1200 and you want to be alerted 500 feet above the ground you would say SET DECISION HEIGHT FOR SEVENTEEN HUNDRED FEET. We currently do this so you can use it without the requirement of using the flight plan to set a destination airport, which would be. necessary to know the airport elevation. In the future we may introduce a preference so that it would be relative to the airport you are landing at.

ALSO NOTE…GPS altitude can be 200 to 300 feet off sometimes, so only use as reminders to check your true altimeter. There is a barometer in the iOS devices as well and we are looking at how good that can be compared to GPS altitude, but it takes a lot of testing.