Version 5.0 Released!

NEW Version 5.1 of MiraCheck has been released. This release now supports airports across the globe for Voice Search and the Flight Plan feature. You can learn more in this post…

Version 5.0 of MiraCheck has been released! There are a ton of new features to explore. As with every large software release there is the potential for some things to initially not work as perfectly as we would like. Please email and this forum to communicate any issues that you may see.

Here is a list of topics for the new release:

Great work. It’d be great if you could provide some video guidance of the new features!!

Will add some videos over time where it makes sense. This video shows the new Decision Height feature which is similar to an Altitude Alert as well.

Is there a Version 5 for android? I could only find Version on Google Play Store.

Version 5 of Android is still currently in testing. Anyone that wants to try side-loading the app here is a link to the latest APK.