The McFadden Autopilot

Keeps your plane on the lateral and vertical axis.


Documentation for all voice commands…

What is this useful for? Not much explanation here…

This is used when you are hand-flying the airplane. It is dedicated to a dear friend and my mentor as a pilot who recently passed away. He had disdain for pilots that would takeoff, immediately turn on the autopilot, and use it all the way to landing.

When things get busy and your workload increases, have you ever veered off your intended heading or slowly climbed or descended? Think of a copilot or an instructor in the right seat. When you set this, if your altitude changes 100 feet above or below you, or you veer to the right or left 5 degrees, Mira chimes in…you are getting too high, you are getting too low, your off course…turn to the left…

You can see me talk about it in the Aviation Consumer video. Fast-forward to 7:50.

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Thanks. That really makes a lot more sense now.