Documentation for Goose?

Is there documentation for this somewhere? The checklist seem pretty self explanatory but I’m trying to figure out how to access the in flight guidance.

Hi @petegiese ,
thanks for your question and for flying with Goose! It is great to hear that the checklists are easy going.
With regards to your question: the Goose app inherited almost all functionalities from the predecessor MiraCheck, so every functionality MiraCheck provided in the past works very similar in Goose. Since I don’t know specifically what you need specifically, I would like to point you to a few items.

MiraCheck YouTube Tutorials

Other Forum Articles - also the forum is a great ressource.

Goose YouTube Account

  • we are currently working on a tutorial video series on the Goose.TalkToMe YouTube Channel that educates aber every aspect in Goose. The first videos will be added within the next few days and then growing continuously

I hope this could help. If you still have additional questions, please feel free to reply directly below!

We are always eager to learn more on where & how we can make Goose’ functionalities more accessible.

Thanks for becoming a part of our journey and for flying with Goose!

Happy Landings,